The Johnny Cash Project

A massively moving and creatively spiritual collaboration that tributes the life of an extraordinary human being.

Participants can draw their own interpretation of a frame of the music video of the last recorded song by Johnny Cash “Ain’t No Grave Can Hold My Body Down”. The work is integrated and shared within the video at the dedicated website. To participate go to the website and click on the link: contribute.

Fashion Native

I created this image using the app called Paper on the iPad while watching  the bravo show: Styled to Rock – my guilty pleasure. I like to sketch while watching TV, it keeps my hands busy (less snacking out of boredom 😉 and occasionally I come up with something  I’d like to take further. This image reminds me of some sort of sun god or native prince. But that’s just me of course.

fashionista - male

fashion native

So I decided to translate it into a canvas painting. It is challenging for me to paint without good reference and since the sketch was done basically from memory; the images on TV move too much to capture detail and that’s part of the point, the fact that it is not easy,  I guess. So I worked on it quite a bit and finally was satisfied with this version, at least for now. I may go back into it and rework it at some point. I still kinda like the original sketch better, but if nothing else, it’s good practice.

I haven’t been painting lately but plan to back to it soon. Right now I am waiting for my Christmas gift to arrive – a brand new Surface Pro 3. It should be here any day now. I was advised that it was a much more economical alternative to the Cintique, which costs between two and three thousand dollars and isn’t portable. With my teacher discount I paid just over $700.00 for the Surface Pro 3. So I probably will be using that  instead of the IPad for sketching. It will afford much more control and I guess I’ll see where I go with that. I will be posting  the work here on my sketchbook blog. I am not sure what programs are  best to use with it for digital painting, probably Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro. If anyone has any information on a great program to use with the Surface Pro 3, I would definitely like to hear from you. Also, I would be happy to post your work on my blog to share with everyone, provided you agree of course.

final version

final version

The Pleasure of Pleasing Me

I know this title may seem selfish at first glance, but what I mean is I like the freedom it brings.

Having worked with clients for years, most of which I adore; and working with employers, my art is not my own when I work for commerce; but here with my little online sketchbook I can do as I please.

No Expectations to Meet – AHHHHHH

I haven’t been working on the Ipad so much, but I have been sketching quite a bit, and painting a little, here is a sketch for a painting I am planning to do when I return from my trip this weekend.

Reluctant Floozie

Reluctant Floozie

This is the first draft of an admittedly strange image I created while listening to a you tube video about Francis Bacon. Francis seemed a bit dreary about his view of the universe, I hope he has changed his mind since he’s passed over, but he mentioned painting on the reverse side of the canvas and I LOVE the effect, although the color does bleed through and fade. I am planning on sealing it and going back in to make the colors more vibrant- but I love the concept, I call this “FEAR WAIT, Please Don’t Leave Me!”, as Fear merrily ignores me and steps off the canvas.

Fear WAIT - Please don't Leave Me.

Fear WAIT – Please don’t Leave Me.

What Is Real – Intriguing Masks From Around the World

Are These Masks Hiding the Inner Persona or Revealing It?

Here are some inspiring images from within the human psyche, what does it reveal to you?

For more fantasy artwork here is a link to my Pinterest board