which lindsey baker?

Salutations San Diego

Feeling good in San Diego

Lindsey Baker is a very popular name, if you don’t believe me just Google it, thus the title “Which Lindsey Baker. I blog about my creative interests and how I get inspired.

I spend a lot of my time creating and dreaming, I work as a independent designer, design instructor and  entrepreneur. I love to create things, that hopefully make people feel good when they own or use them. I especially like to create art to produce on various products and I love to make jewelry because it is symbolic and usually carries a meaning for the wearer. A lot of times it represents an event or a gesture one person passes to another and it lasts a long time.


Pictured here with my student Blake Jensen (left) and his partner Chase Fischer. These young, savvy entrepreneurs started Blender’s Eyewear a very successful (and very cool) sun glass company based in San Diego.

I am a member of the lead faculty at the Art Institute of California – San Diego, where I have taught since 2002. I  like all my “jobs” – my drive to create sometimes wakes me up at 5:30 am when the house is quiet and everyone else is still asleep. I enjoy making videos, dreaming up reality shows, teaching design, creating illustrations, designing logos, posters, selling things online and playing with my pets. If I can help you on a project please contact me. You can check out my bio on LinkedIn: bio.


Riley’s wolf instincts make him a bit camera shy.

You can find some of my recent client work at Lindsey Baker Design and you can check out my handcrafted jewelry, prints, vintage collectibles and other curious things at my etsy shop called Merely Eclectic. I author another blog called Synergy Creative where I write about collaboration, working with clients, offer tutorials, showcase the work of other designers and give tips on being an entrepreneur.

I love my four-legged kids and I have 6 all rescues and all amazing. I have three cats, and three dogs. I also have an Amazon parrot. My youngest charge is pictured here with me. He is a wolf hybrid rescue name Riley and he is my muse and the subject of some of my art work as is my parrot Jake who is now 20 year old.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you.