Gypsy Scale for Native American Flute Player

Here is the link to download the Gypsy Scale:

For more information watch the video.

Also check out more of my tutorial videos foe learning the Native American Flute at my YOUTUBE channel: PEACEARTLOVE



Under the Stars

This is a wonderful post and I wanted to share it> it is keeping me company while I work. Maybe it can do the same for you – stay inspired.

Source of Inspiration


Under the stars
the orchestra played
an apocalyptic canon
that flowed from the hand
of the composer who
trembled in awe
at the Master who guided
it into existence.

Do we really create?
Yes, we practice our skills
but that moment of birth
when truly great art
music, poetry, prose
comes into existence
in this reality
is this our creation
or are we but instruments
manifesting for a Source
we do not understand?


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Work in Progress for my Inspire Poster

I am working on this poster and would appreciate some feedback. Does it need a textured background? I will be changing the typeface but it will remain a bold sans serif.

Inspire Poster

Inspire Poster

Copyright Lindsey Baker 2014; all rights reserved

Symbols Exercise – how to create a symbolic logo with adobe Illustrator

Here is an assignment I gave to my class tonight on symbolic logo design.

This is a new exercise I used for the class so I decided to do it along with them to see how it works. Here are the results of my effort.

abstract logos

The objective of the exercise is to explore form using the pathfinder tool and primitive shapes in Adobe Illustrator within a one hour time frame. The objective is to create a series of alternative ideas using the words: minimalism, complexity, elegance, crudeness, antiquity, industry and technology for inspiration. I modified the exercise slightly from the original which can be found in an awesome book titled “the Logo Brainstorm Book” by Jim Krause, published by How books.

Faculty Show at Art Institute

Here is the work I am showing at AI

At the beginning of next quarter, I have been selected to showcase my work in the faculty lounge. Not exactly a major unveiling but I am a bit nervous about being judged by my peers.

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