Creating Mixed Media Illustration with Gabielle

I found this very helpful.

This video is worth watching if you wish to add mixed media to your illustrations and paintings. I haven’t done this type of work before but the video gave me a lot of ideas of how to add depth to my work. I am excited to try it as an addition to my own techniques. I will post the outcomes soon for feedback – thank you to Gabrielle in the video she identifies her site and where you can find more resources.

Also thank you to Kimberly L Revels for posting it in the first place.

Daily Monsters as a Creative Exercise

I posted about the work of Stephan Butcher a while ago –see post below. I bought the iphone app he created called Daily Monsters and decided to play around with it and post my results. I think it is a good way to stretch your creative muscles. Here is what I do: I create some parts using the app, then I go into Photoshop and rearrange them, scale them, draw on them and sometimes add other simple icons from other sources. Then I try to turn them into a little story. You can find the downloadable app at

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