The Pleasure of Pleasing Me

I know this title may seem selfish at first glance, but what I mean is I like the freedom it brings.

Having worked with clients for years, most of which I adore; and working with employers, my art is not my own when I work for commerce; but here with my little online sketchbook I can do as I please.

No Expectations to Meet – AHHHHHH

I haven’t been working on the Ipad so much, but I have been sketching quite a bit, and painting a little, here is a sketch for a painting I am planning to do when I return from my trip this weekend.

Reluctant Floozie

Reluctant Floozie

This is the first draft of an admittedly strange image I created while listening to a you tube video about Francis Bacon. Francis seemed a bit dreary about his view of the universe, I hope he has changed his mind since he’s passed over, but he mentioned painting on the reverse side of the canvas and I LOVE the effect, although the color does bleed through and fade. I am planning on sealing it and going back in to make the colors more vibrant- but I love the concept, I call this “FEAR WAIT, Please Don’t Leave Me!”, as Fear merrily ignores me and steps off the canvas.

Fear WAIT - Please don't Leave Me.

Fear WAIT – Please don’t Leave Me.

Creating Mixed Media Illustration with Gabielle

I found this very helpful.

This video is worth watching if you wish to add mixed media to your illustrations and paintings. I haven’t done this type of work before but the video gave me a lot of ideas of how to add depth to my work. I am excited to try it as an addition to my own techniques. I will post the outcomes soon for feedback – thank you to Gabrielle in the video she identifies her site and where you can find more resources.

Also thank you to Kimberly L Revels for posting it in the first place.

cat illustration

My inspiration for “The Cat”

I recently traveled to Key West, Florida and on the journey I wrote a poem that I decided might make a nice illustrated children’s book. It started out as a silly little poem about how one of my three cats showed up one day and decided to move in. The two resident cats didn’t take to kindly to him at first and let him know about it.  It suddenly dawned on me  that there was a bit more to it after all. I think it is a good message for children (and for adults too) about judging someone you don’t know too harshly and/or too quickly. It also tells that you get a lot more from sharing than you do by being territorial. I will save the rest of the story for when I finish the book and the illustrations. I have been working on other projects lately and therefore feel a bit rusty in my illustration skills. Luckily, I randomly came across this work by Stefan Butcher on

His website is: I like the idea and the discipline of doing something everyday. He creates a new monster drawing every day and I am hoping that if I start to fill my sketchpad with illustrations every day, some wonderful ideas will emerge that I can use in the book.

I also admire his clean yet strong minimalist approach to illustration, in a world where so many are shooting for hyper-realistic computer driven styles.  I’ll let you know what happens…and post some of the work to get some feedback.