Fashion Native

I created this image using the app called Paper on the iPad while watching  the bravo show: Styled to Rock – my guilty pleasure. I like to sketch while watching TV, it keeps my hands busy (less snacking out of boredom 😉 and occasionally I come up with something  I’d like to take further. This image reminds me of some sort of sun god or native prince. But that’s just me of course.

fashionista - male

fashion native

So I decided to translate it into a canvas painting. It is challenging for me to paint without good reference and since the sketch was done basically from memory; the images on TV move too much to capture detail and that’s part of the point, the fact that it is not easy,  I guess. So I worked on it quite a bit and finally was satisfied with this version, at least for now. I may go back into it and rework it at some point. I still kinda like the original sketch better, but if nothing else, it’s good practice.

I haven’t been painting lately but plan to back to it soon. Right now I am waiting for my Christmas gift to arrive – a brand new Surface Pro 3. It should be here any day now. I was advised that it was a much more economical alternative to the Cintique, which costs between two and three thousand dollars and isn’t portable. With my teacher discount I paid just over $700.00 for the Surface Pro 3. So I probably will be using that  instead of the IPad for sketching. It will afford much more control and I guess I’ll see where I go with that. I will be posting  the work here on my sketchbook blog. I am not sure what programs are  best to use with it for digital painting, probably Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro. If anyone has any information on a great program to use with the Surface Pro 3, I would definitely like to hear from you. Also, I would be happy to post your work on my blog to share with everyone, provided you agree of course.

final version

final version

Daily Monsters as a Creative Exercise

I posted about the work of Stephan Butcher a while ago –see post below. I bought the iphone app he created called Daily Monsters and decided to play around with it and post my results. I think it is a good way to stretch your creative muscles. Here is what I do: I create some parts using the app, then I go into Photoshop and rearrange them, scale them, draw on them and sometimes add other simple icons from other sources. Then I try to turn them into a little story. You can find the downloadable app at

Dream Date by Lindsey BakerDrama King - Everyone knows one.rad-dude

Paul Davis – American Illustrator

Moleskine Presents Paul Davis

Paul Davis was one of the most inspiring instructors I had the good fortune to study with at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Here is one of his notebooks presented originally by Moleskine sketchbooks. Scroll down a bit to watch the video – it is a great example of the range of work this wonderful man has produced.

Paul Davis