Creating Mixed Media Illustration with Gabielle

I found this very helpful.

This video is worth watching if you wish to add mixed media to your illustrations and paintings. I haven’t done this type of work before but the video gave me a lot of ideas of how to add depth to my work. I am excited to try it as an addition to my own techniques. I will post the outcomes soon for feedback – thank you to Gabrielle in the video she identifies her site and where you can find more resources.

Also thank you to Kimberly L Revels for posting it in the first place.

Dressed For Battle – Fashion is Art – Art is…

I often use high fashion and couture runway design for inspiration

Here are my picks for this week. You can view the entirely awesome board on PINTEREST

What Is Real – Intriguing Masks From Around the World

Are These Masks Hiding the Inner Persona or Revealing It?

Here are some inspiring images from within the human psyche, what does it reveal to you?

For more fantasy artwork here is a link to my Pinterest board

My Art on the Moon – Laser Cat Miami – Beam Me Up!

Laser Cat – a giant cat that projects art on the moon!

Laser Cat is going to be beaming out the work of artists from all over the world from Miami at the annual Art Director‘s Club. “Laser Cat is a physical manifestation of love. Commissioned by ADC, conceived by the minds of Barcelona-based Hungry Castle, and together with the help of ADC Hall of Famer Kevin O’Callaghan, Laser Cat is a giant art installation that will be part of the ADC 93rd Annual Awards + Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design, taking place from April 7–9, 2014 in beautiful Miami Beach.”

Quoted as “a delightfully bizarre project” by Seth Godin.

There was a call for submissions touted in a video by famed artists including James Victore, Stefan Sagmeister, Banksy and Milton Glaser, my former Prof. and  so I couldn’t help myself and decided to get in on the action. Here are my submissions:

1000 Digital Paintings by Field using Generative Design

Digital Painting by Field - 1I recently discovered Generative Design and purchased the book of that title. I also downloaded the program the uses the coding language processing. Don’t let the word “code” scare you if you are a visual designer who gets queazy at the site of C++. This program is different, it was created by designers for designers. Look at the beautiful things that are possible.

1000 digital paintings by Field

Independent paper manufacturer GF Smith invited London-based studio FIELD to create inspiring artworks representing the unlimited possibilities of digital print and generative design, to be featured on the cover of their legendary brochures.

Using a process pairing generative coding with creative intuition the studio created 10,000 unique cover artworks, each one featuring a different view on a hypercomplex sculpture.

Digital Painting by Field-2

Watch the video for more details:

Daily Monsters as a Creative Exercise

I posted about the work of Stephan Butcher a while ago –see post below. I bought the iphone app he created called Daily Monsters and decided to play around with it and post my results. I think it is a good way to stretch your creative muscles. Here is what I do: I create some parts using the app, then I go into Photoshop and rearrange them, scale them, draw on them and sometimes add other simple icons from other sources. Then I try to turn them into a little story. You can find the downloadable app at

Dream Date by Lindsey BakerDrama King - Everyone knows one.rad-dude

Ed Emberly – Children’s Book Illustrator

I wish I knew about Ed Emberly when I was growing up. My parents thought art class was frivolous (sorry Mom and Dad but it’s true) and I kind of had to find my own way. But if I had been introduced to Ed and his books I am sure I would have spent much more time drawing than watching TV.

In any case it’s not too late — you may think I’m crazy but following a few of methods for creativity could go a long way to help one think more creatively — many experts in non-creative are currently agree – but more post on that later. In the meantime watch this video and see what you think.