1000 Digital Paintings by Field using Generative Design

Digital Painting by Field - 1I recently discovered Generative Design and purchased the book of that title. I also downloaded the program the uses the coding language processing. Don’t let the word “code” scare you if you are a visual designer who gets queazy at the site of C++. This program is different, it was created by designers for designers. Look at the beautiful things that are possible.

1000 digital paintings by Field

Independent paper manufacturer GF Smith invited London-based studio FIELD to create inspiring artworks representing the unlimited possibilities of digital print and generative design, to be featured on the cover of their legendary brochures.

Using a process pairing generative coding with creative intuition the studio created 10,000 unique cover artworks, each one featuring a different view on a hypercomplex sculpture.

Digital Painting by Field-2

Watch the video for more details:

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